Our Challenges

Construction and maintenance business is faced with a range of challenges. We at Finex Development Inc., also have to deal with the same challenges, but we managed to prevail.

Some of the challenges we have been faced with:

1. Each client and project is different therefore task management is important.
Each client differs in a lot of ways, the dispatch, the reporting system and the corporate culture. At Finex Development Inc., we are aware of these conditions, we respect them, and at the same time trying to learn as much as possible from the experiences. Task management includes planning, executing, tracking and reporting. However, at Finex Development Inc. we strive to implement Effective task management that manages all aspects of a task, including its status, priority, time. Besides task management, being in accordance with all Health and Safety regulation nationwide is very important to make sure our team of technicians can perform their duties at the highest quality.

2. Providing nationwide services.
Through hard work and our screening procedures we have been able to create a team of professionals that not only share our views on customer service but also understand the importance of quality service. In order to be able to create such team, we focused on their qualifications, knowledge, experience and attitude to provide only the very best for our clients.

3. Response time.
Once again having a large number of quality technicians is essential especially in the most remote and rural areas as we want to help our clients focus on what is more important, the bottom line.

4. Continuous improvement.
Besides looking after the Task Management, Nationwide Services and Response Time. We give extra attention to continuous improvement in all areas, from unique experiences with different clients and existing best practices.