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A Message from CEO

As President and CEO of Finex Development Inc., I would like to offer you my personal "thank you" for taking the time to review our company. In addition, I invite you to review our website in order to get to know Finex Development Inc. I'd like to briefly share with you why we started this company and what we believe in as our guiding principles. 

Finex Development Inc is a Canadian nationwide Construction and Facility Maintenance Company focusing on a wide spectrum of services, from small handyman services to large construction projects. Over the last several years, we have focused on delivering great services with skilled and licensed professionals in all areas. The familiarity of new technologies and the use of the newest methods as well as equipment, guarantee that any project will be completed with excellence, on time, and on budget. 

Our business philosophy is based on several fundamental principles which we follow religiously. 

Client Engagement. every project we undertake must create long-term value for the client. We want to significantly improve the overall performance of their organization; this is why we would like to think of ourselves as a "One point of contact" company. This simply means that our clients can focus on improving/expending their business while we take care of all handyman, construction and maintenance needs. Our extensive experience, industry knowledge and affordable rates have enabled us to expand even during difficult economic times. 

That's who we are, and that's what we do. I hope that Finex Development Inc. will have the opportunity to serve as your partner as well. 

Best Regards,

Peter Fiwek

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